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  At the Center for Human Development (CHD), the student finds an educational experience of the highest quality, provided by experienced, dedicated professionals whose expertise comes from years of clinical practice, education, and research in the field.
  In the spirit of exploration and scholarship, CHD provides students with the training program and experience to satisfy their goals. The institute infuses their educations with consideration, knowledgeably advising them and enthusiastically guiding their progress through its programs at a comfortable pace. It offers a curriculum that is both diverse and complete. We believe that training students is more than an avocation--it is a service we can give to support the health of our community and our society.
  The mission of the Center for Human Development is to provide intensive clinical training and academic expertise in the Modern Psychoanalytic theory and technique of individual and group psychoanalysis. The institute offers courses in the history, theory, and technique of psychoanalysis, as well as case supervision and research. CHD has a complete program in Marriage and Family Therapy. It also has many courses which can be used to gain or maintain the CASAC credential in drug and alcoholism counseling. In all programs, the student's educational experience derives from both emotional and intellectual learning.
  CHD's training programs are based in New York City and are designed for people in the mental health field, social workers, pastoral counselors, psychologists, teachers, trainers, business executives, and all those interested in improving their interpersonal relationships in the family, in the work setting, in their social lives, and in the community.